2 Kn. Mariya Louisa blvd., TSUM Business Center Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

About Mitel:

Founded in 1972, Mitel is a leading global provider of business communications and collaboration solutions. Serving over 75 million users in more than 100 countries, Mitel offers a comprehensive range of products including cloud and on-site business phone systems, collaboration software, call center applications, and various communication devices and accessories. The company caters to diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality, government, education, manufacturing, and retail.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Mitel operates numerous subsidiaries worldwide. In recent years, the company has expanded its reach and capabilities through strategic acquisitions, including the acquisition of Unify, which has strengthened its position in the unified communications market.

Mitel is committed to innovation, continuously enhancing its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers. The company also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and interoperability, ensuring their products meet stringent industry standards. In Bulgaria the company has a Global Business Services Center with more than 500 employees in the heart of Sofia, supporting the group with a portfolio of more than 15 business functions globally

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