The Chamber hosts a variety of committees to represent the interests and goals of its members. Through collaboration and partnership, we strive to build a strong and sustainable business community that supports the well-being and prosperity of all our stakeholders.



Social Infrastructure committee

The Social infrastructure committee works towards identifying and addressing issues related to healthcare and education access, quality, and cost through the means of research, advocacy, awareness raising and collaboration. It focuses on the development of policies and programs that promote better health and education outcomes for all, including improved access to quality services at reduced costs, thus creating more equitable societies. In terms of education and human resources development, the committee aims to contribute to the expansion of the talent pool available to industries in both the Canadian and Bulgarian markets. 

Energy, mining, manufacturing, imports & exports committee

The committee is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in the energy, mining, manufacturing, import & export industries. The committee works towards identifying and addressing challenges in these industries. Through research, advocacy, and collaboration with other organizations, the committee focuses on promoting environmentally responsible solutions that benefit both the respectiveindustry and society as a whole. The committee is also dedicated to identifying barriers to trade and advocating for policies that support the growth of trade between Canada and Bulgaria in the context of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA agreement).

Executive & Administration committee

The Executive & Administration committee is dedicated to ensuring strategic planning and decision making for optimizing organizational success. The committee is responsible for setting goals, developing strategies, providingfinancial reporting and monitoring performance while collaborating closely with other departments to maintain alignment and achieve shared objectives. The committee is also in charge of ensuring a robust and satisfied membership base.

Innovation & Technology committee

The Innovation & Technology committee focuses on promoting the use of technology and innovation to drive growth and progress. It recognizes the importance of technology in promoting economic growth and improving quality of life and is committed to identifying and addressing challenges in this field. The committee works towards identifying emerging technologies and innovation trends and developing strategies to promote and remove barriers to their use for the benefit of the sector and society as a whole. 

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